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JUNE 24, 2014
Solomon Hsiang
UC Berkeley economist and assistant professor of public policy Solomon Hsiang led the econometrics team that helped assemble a major report, released today, that projects significant economic risks from climate change in the United States.  

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Solar panels in Africa Grad students Grace Wu and Ranjit Deshmukh grow vegetables and bicycle to campus. In keeping with their sustainable values, they are now helping to design renewable energy systems employed across Africa as technical consultants to the International Renewable Energy Agency, in collaboration with Berkeley Lab.

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Disco clam The disco clam was named for the rhythmic, pulsing light that ripples along the lips of its mantle. UC Berkeley graduate student Lindsey Dougherty now reports that the mirror is actually a highly reflective, densely packed layer of silica spheres a mere 340 nanometers across and never before seen in animals.

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I School Fishackathon team Trolling for real-world solutions to support ocean fisheries, the U.S. State Department sponsored a "Fishackathon" at five locations over the June 14-15 weekend. A team from UC Berkeley's School of Information, working out of the Monterey Bay Aquarium, took home the national grand prize for a mobile app designed to help West African fishermen.

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Computer-science theorists, crossed with evolutionary biologists, try to solve puzzle of natural selection.

Dopamine regulators influence decisions and strategies.

What's showing up in milk, air or water? Scientists put real-time data online. 
Everything you need to know about shift to new timekeeping system.

Report on sexual-assault policies at UC, CSU.

Program brings cadre of students to Goldman School.

Online survey seeks feedback on beta site. 
Christopher Kutz, Calvin Morrill, Anne Joseph O'Connell, Paul Schwartz, John Yoo.

Molecular biologist shares Janssen Award for DNA-editing breakthrough.

Brain-manipulation strategy recognized.

Architect of supersymmetry was 91.

Some 600 staffers take advantage of development opportunity. .

Food trucks, a band and hordes of staff crowd Staff Appreciation Week highlight.
Also: Cal Walks at Work flash mob

Celebration of construction progress. 
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