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MAY 27, 2014
Brain Researchers from the UC Berkeley-UCSF Center for Neural Engineering and Prostheses are embarking on an ambitious $26 million project to develop new approaches to mental illness by using engineering techniques to fix malfunctioning neural circuits. The research, part of a DARPA program announced May 27, could lead to advances in the treatment of conditions such as depression and addiction.

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Jose Gaspar, Soledad Edmondson, Olivia Reed Filbrandt, Steven Marsiglia and Jing-Sum Cheung
Beaming as they emerged from their UC Berkeley anthropology department graduation ceremony on Friday, five new alums stopped to share their feelings about their Berkeley journey with videographers Roxanne Makasdjian and Phil Ebiner. Meet Jose Gaspar, Soledad Edmondson, Olivia Reed Filbrandt, Steven Marsiglia and Jing-Sum Cheung.  

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Chiles UC Berkeley and Salk researchers have found that mice lacking the capsaicin pain receptor live about 14 percent longer than other mice, and they retain a more youthful metabolism as well. Receptor blockers could not only relieve pain, but increase lifespan, improve metabolic health and help diabetics and the obese.

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Public health-led research identifies invisible but widespread problem.

Research on widely used anticancer drug could lead to better cancer-fighters. (VIDEO) 
His collecting "malady" led to the founding of Berkeley library.

Instructor Betsy Candler lands position, a first for U.S. law schools.

Five early-career faculty make research program's 2014-15 cohort.

Early-career faculty scientists recognized.

Mathematics professor Robert Coleman, 59.

Candlelight gathering at 8 p.m. on Memorial Glade; UC flags flying at half-staff.

Ballot propositions face California voters.

I School grads solicit Bitcoin, other digital currencies for Serbian flood relief.

Authors Alliance, a new nonprofit, claims power in the digital age. 
Regents sign off on 40-year master plan for waterfront research hub.

Breath of Life conference to bring together Native Americans and linguists. 

Books by Berkeley professors. 
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