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MAY 13, 2014
Rebecca Peters
Rebecca Peters' IQ score measured so low in fourth grade that her school did not see her as college material. Her parents didn't buy it, and neither did she. Today she's a diehard clean-water-access warrior, the winner of three of America's top 10 scholarships -- and UC Berkeley's top graduating senior.   

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Cristiano Ronaldo in action Two of the world's top soccer teams, Real Madrid and Inter Milan, are coming to Berkeley to do battle at Memorial Stadium. The July 26 match is expected to bring benefits not just for Berkeley sports fans, but for the university's core educational mission and the neighboring community's finances.

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Abby VanMuijen
Person of Interest: Far from the lecture halls at Berkeley, on a study-abroad trip, then-junior Abby VanMuijen had an education epiphany by way of a set of colored pencils. Drawing her notes, instead of writing them, helped her think -- and learn -- better. Now a graduate, she uses the technique to create riveting educational videos and teaches a visual note-taking class.

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Genetic comparisons reveal adaptive differences in metabolism. Psychologists use driving behaviors to examine bigger questions about ethics.

Students partner with local groups to work on visas, juvenile justice.

CITRIS judges give top prize to makers of WattTime Shift, a power-saving invention.

I School team wins develops solution to problem for 12 million in informal labor market. 

Slideshow gives the flavor of campus life for graduating seniors in 1914.

Catch the action: Photos of cyclists on their way to campus.
Just up: 43 stories showing how the Campaign for Berkeley's $3.13 billion success helps students, faculty and research.

Physics professor Bob Jacobsen tapped.

Register by June 4 for Summerfest food choice and other events.

Astronomy professor Geoffrey Marcy profiled in the New York Times (registration required).

EECS prof Stuart Russell, on KQED radio, talks about "Transcendence" and AI.

Scholar of economic theory and mathematical economics.

Endangered bromeliad from the Andes takes decades to flower.

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