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APRIL 1, 2014
Shirley Muramoto Berkeley staffer Shirley Muramoto was in high school when she learned that her mother's family had spent the war years in American "concentration camps." The discovery sparked a lifelong search for answers, and, soon, a film on how internment gave Japanese Americans proximity to practitioners of traditional Japanese arts - and the time to study and practice themselves.

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Scene from 'Pretty Woman' Ever notice how Harry Potter's T-shirt changes from a crewneck to a Henley shirt in the Order of the Phoenix? Probably not. Vision scientists at UC Berkeley and MIT have discovered an upside to the brain mechanism that can blind us to subtle visual changes in the movies and in the real world.

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Philosophy graduate
Interest in philosophy is surging at Berkeley. This spring, there are 193 philosophy majors, compared with 112 in spring 1996. And there are currently 44 graduate students. Lecture courses and seminars have been increased to meet the demand. But even the department chair isn't sure why it's happening.  

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Squirrel The campus's squirrels, well-known for their erratic, even oddball antics, are attracting the attention of the national science media. According to a recently published PLOS ONE article from a study done at Berkeley, these squirrels' seemingly odd behavior actually has a purpose.

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Farm labor icon's granddaughter, an alum, offers reflections at screening.

Steered men's basketball team to postseason for six years as head coach.

Award-winning scholar of Western music, 89.

Museum/film center lays out calendar for transition to new digs.

Online talk planned for April 8.

First official Internet course extends school's global reach. 
Berkeley researcher co-authors new analysis.

World's urban poor are most affected, says study by Berkeley economist.

More woes for high-speed rail
Engineering prof Ibbs tells legislators that $68 billion cost estimate is far too low. 
ROHO oral historian explores the world of gender and cocktails. 

Watch Univision fellow's video. 
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