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MARCH 25, 2014
Caterino Velasquez
The wall and fence separating Arizona from Mexico have split the Tohono O'odham people and disrupted their communities and way of life. UC Berkeley journalism grad student Jason Jaacks captured the story in a striking series of photos and is this year's winner of the Dorothea Lange Fellowship.    

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Rand Paul In an appearance at UC Berkeley's International House, the Kentucky senator and likely GOP presidential candidate denounced government surveillance and secrecy, and promised to push for a Church Committee-style congressional panel to "watch the watchers."

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Historic football
The football, sitting in a Cal Athletics office, bears autographs of the 1938 Golden Bears football team. Limp and laceless, it provides no clue to the dramatic story it could tell - of a boy's love for the ball, of war and a prison camp, of true love lost and found and of how it ended up back at Berkeley. California magazine tells the tale.    

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Results released, Dirks announces immediate action.

Annual fundraiser to fight cancer.

Vivian Maier exhibit celebrates Logan Foundation donation for photojournalism.

Cal, Stanford teams to face off in annual campus bird-count on April 13.

Blum Center sends change-makers to global initiative conference.

Two Berkeley students take top place in negotiations competition.

150 students from 27 universities competed in DOE contest. 
Robotic telescope debuts at UC's Lick Observatory.

Earth dodged a magnetic bullet in 2012.

Faculty researcher Jennifer Doudna's gene-editing breakthrough in wide use.

Study shows support speeds innovation.

New Year's resolution turned into a revelation for Haas lecturer.

Theodore Olson, Pamela Samuelson and Roxanna Altholz.

Microbiologist, professor was 71.

Claude Fischer on G. Cristina Mora's new book on a constructed identity. 
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