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MARCH 18, 2014
Myocytes UC Berkeley and UC San Francisco are launching the Innovative Genomics Initiative to lead a revolution in genetic engineering based on a new technology already generating novel strategies for gene therapy and the study of disease. The leader of the initiative, Berkeley professor Jennifer Doudna, is one of the discoverers of the new technology.

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Particle Fever video

Particle Fever a surprise hit

UC Berkeley Ph.D. Mark Levinson has returned to the Bay Area to premiere his new documentary, Particle Fever, about the discovery of the Higgs boson. The film, which he directed and co-produced, includes Berkeley physicists Lawrence Hall and Yasunori Nomura, along with several campus alums.

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Artist rendering of stadium multi-use area
By next fall, California Memorial Stadium not only will be bustling on football game days, but busy all week as a new campus gateway and a multi-use building filled with classrooms, an auditorium, food vendors, a student store and a fitness center. The site will be the new home of the campus Visitor Center.  

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Oxymoron or an idea whose time has come?

CHAMACOS study detects problems in children whose mothers work in fields.

Schekman, Napolitano join effort to make case for value of public education.

Dug by students 100 years ago, tunnel sits close to Hearst Mining.

Berkeley Lab-led project explores RNA in animals.

Innovative young professor Ben Recht invents investigation strategies.  
Eugene Chiang, Munis Faruqui and Ron Hassner recognized.

How talent, hard work and good coaching helped Golden Bears junior up her game.

California magazine profiles Haas emeritus professor David Aaker. 
Computing experience at Moffitt gets an upgrade.

One-minute video shows off Cal spirit. 
Dan Farber dissects "stealth provisions" in bill by senator on the Berkeley Blog
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