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MARCH 11, 2014
Preschoolers can outperform college students in certain learning tasks because they are more flexible and less biased in their ideas about cause and effect. UC Berkeley psychologists show this in a game they call "Blickets."    

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Amina Assefa In emergencies ranging from hurricanes to blizzards to an H1N1 flu outbreak, public-health specialist Amina Assefa has flexed her professional muscles. Now head of UC Berkeley's Office of Emergency Management, Assefa spends her days planning for events she hopes will never happen.

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Cells herded into bear shape
UC Berkeley engineers have successfully used an electrical current to orchestrate the flow of a group of cells, making them flow left, right and even into the shape of the Cal bear. This sets the stage for more controlled forms of tissue engineering and for potential applications such as "smart bandages" that use electrical stimulation to help heal wounds.  

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Director of new documentary speaks at Center for Latin American Studies screening. (Video)

More than 200 teams from Berkeley, UCSF enter LAUNCH entrepreneurship competition.

Bill Moyers talks with law professor Ian Haney Lopez about his new book on race. (Video)  
Energy, research and libraries top list of campus power conservationists.

Gift establishes new program supporting graduate students.

New guidelines conform to changes in federal law.  
Physicists find that colored diamonds are a superconductor's best friend.

Ashok Gadgil team's invention is being put to work by Indian company.

Bakar Fellow Feng Wang develops optoelectronics for faster computing.

Researcher gets $2.5 million to study effects of social adversity and early puberty. 
Nobelist Randy Schekman on the value of public higher ed. (Video)

James Hurley recognized for work on proteins.

Berkeley Law mourns loss of a giant in environmental law. 
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