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FEBRUARY 18, 2014
Water use graph

How much water does the campus use, and what can people do to help conserve? Among other measures, UC Berkeley has just launched "Every Drop Counts," a campaign to raise awareness, as California is one month into its official drought emergency.

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> Also: 'Time is now for a new revolution in water systems

Sidney Hill

Allied for Ph.D., faculty diversity

UC Berkeley is leading three other elite West Coast universities in the California Alliance, which is setting a new course for diversifying the postdoctoral and faculty ranks in science, tech, math and engineering at top-tier research universities nationwide. Also, four Ph.D. students tell their stories. 

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Outsourcing graphic Offshoring and outsourcing aren't the scourge of American workers that people sometimes think, according to a pilot study of U.S. companies' by researchers at UC Berkeley and MIT. The study tells a tale of two economies.

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New UC president makes her first official visit to the Berkeley campus.

Town-gown breakfast brings Berkeley leaders together.

Research will focus on powerful Asian nation's political and legal systems.  

Revamped classes are drawing women to the field, according to S.F. Chronicle

Public alerted about potential exposure.  

Felix Fischer, Bakar fellow, is developing nanoribbons.

Reservations needed for next week's distribution at Memorial Stadium.

Study identifies geographic trends.

New initiative supports research with "exceptionally high scientific promise."

Campus gathers to honor the late football player's spirit.

Professor was "one of the great linguists of the last half-century." 
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