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JANUARY 28, 2014
Art project, Robert Reich

UC Berkeley offers up a perennial feast for hungry minds, and this spring's lineup is no exception. Appetites for knowledge and experience can be fed with everything from a discussion on foreign policy with Madeline Albright, to a hands-on collaborative art exhibition, to performances by the legendary Martha Graham Dance Company. 

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Surfer What do the champion surfers of Mavericks have in common with a UC Berkeley engineer? They all are looking to harness the power of big ocean waves. But for assistant professor Reza Alam, an expert in wave mechanics, the seafloor "carpet" he is proposing will convert those waves into usable energy.
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Chart A new study co-authored by a UC Berkeley political science professor shows that voters are consistently shortsighted in presidential elections. Instead of looking back over the incumbent's full term, they focus just on the last six months. Changing the way national economic statistics are presented could help with the problem, the study says. 

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Granholm, Echaveste appointed to Priorities Action USA board.

Rate your state

CITRIS, Gavin Newsom launch California Report Card app.

Law alum helps win first resentencing of a teen under new state law. 

Epic exhibit to open at science museum. 

Researchers identify another protein as potential target for drugs.

Haas study challenges popular business strategy.

Berkeley, Arizona team up to try to catch aurora in the act.

Ryder gallery to show works of the late art practice professor.

EECS professor Costas Spanos takes over.

New campus second-in-command will start March 31. 

I School program welcomes its first students.

Financial aid decision prompts "gratitude rally." 

Dirks names team to plan new campus.   

How essential life lessons can be worked into new test-based curricula. 
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