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JANUARY 14, 2014
Claude Steele

"Berkeley is a jewel in the crown of one of the greatest systems of higher education ever created," says Provost-designate Claude Steele. "Coming here, I think, is a bit like joining a grand parade that's marching along and has a new leader, and wanting to contribute to it in some way." The Stanford dean's selection as executive vice chancellor and provost was announced by Chancellor Dirks on Monday.


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Sperm and egg A comparison of Y chromosomes in eight African and eight European men dispels the common notion that the Y's genes are mostly unimportant and that the chromosome is destined to dwindle and disappear. "Our study shows ... the human Y is going to stick around for a long while," says evolutionary biologist Melissa Wilson Sayres, lead researcher on the project. 

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Scene from 'If You Build It' Coming soon to a the Shattuck Cinemas: If You Build It, a documentary about Project H, founded by Berkeley architecture graduate Emily Pilloton. Living on credit and grants while confronting a resistant school board in rural North Carolina, Pilloton and her co-founder taught 10 high-school students the power of using design-thinking to create positive change in their community and their lives. Be sure to watch the trailer. 

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Student-run Feeding Forward pairs surplus food with those who need it, via cellphone app.

Symposium shows off students' work to take research into the marketplace.

Discoveries make Science magazine list.

Berkeley leads U.S. News' annual list.

Engineers rig material to move in response to light.

Haas program takes undergraduates abroad to research corporate innovation.

Berkeley nuclear engineer part of effort to track California radioactivity from Fukushima. 
Campus task force gathers for the first time.

Dirks to answer questions in live webcast tonight at 7 o'clock (Tuesday).

East side of campus gets state-of-the art workout space.

VentureBeat looks at I School initiative.  

Julia Morgan-designed building arrives at new Bot Garden home. Law prof Jonathan Simon parses what it tells us about our culture of fear.

How Stephen Sugarman would use the law to encourage corporations to help cut calories. 
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