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DECEMBER 3, 2013
Melting Arctic ice

With abrupt changes in the climate already apparent, UC Berkeley biologist Tony Barnosky joined climate scientists today (Dec. 3) at a press conference at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, D.C., for the release of a new report  that predicts "tipping points" within a few years or decades and the need to monitor them closely.

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Ellen Owens Capital Projects' Ellen Owens tried "finesse sports," but preferred a game "where, if someone had the ball and you wanted it, you could take it - knocking them down if you had to." After nine seasons as head coach, she's now director of rugby for the Cal women's team, which placed fourth in this year's 7s National Championships.

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Robert Levenson For more than two decades, UC Berkeley psychologist Robert Levenson has been tracking the marriages of more than 150 middle-aged and older couples, looking into everything from marital conflict to whether there's a happy-marriage gene. Levenson discussed his findings with Larissa Branin of UCOP's Science Today radio show.

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Nancy Scheper-Hughes accepts first such honor for public impact. Michael Pollan chats with former deputy ag secretary Kathleen Merrigan, on video.

Muslim students help relief effort.

Keeping it local? Campus museums, gift shops have much to offer.

Engineering students outfit elliptical machine as a human-powered gym at RSF. With video.

Struggling to eat? Financial aid offered. 
Money, proximity to transit, more carpooling cited in study co-authored by planning prof Dan Chatman.

California magazine documents the trend.

U.S. should take the lead on the  problem, says CNR's Claire Kremen.

Grad student makes the case that recent exhortation reinforces age-old teachings centered on the common good.
They're everywhere, and Claude Fischer says human manipulations are responsible. 
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