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NOVEMBER 19, 2013
Through a new program designed to help Berkeley emulate a small-campus environment, hundreds of undergrads will get to work closely with grad-student mentors when Berkeley Connect launches early in 2014. "There's a zeitgeist out there about improving undergrad education," says director Maura Nolan.

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Typhoon Haiyan was not an anomaly, say researchers at UC Berkeley and Berkeley Lab, who also confirm that more such tropical "super storms" should be expected as the planet warms. And the grim fact is that many of these massive cyclones will slam into the Philippines. 

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> High cost of typhoons, especially for baby girls...

MAVEN NASA's newest Mars-bound mission, MAVEN, blasted off promptly at 10:28 a.m. PST Nov. 18, to oohs and aahs from staff assembled at the Space Sciences Laboratory to watch their handiwork head to the Red Planet. More than half of the instruments aboard the spacecraft were built at UC Berkeley.

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Students help city prepare for the effects of climate change.

New report from Berkeley Law, UCLA lays out need to push utilities beyond 2020 levels.

Samuelson clinic brief cited by court.

Berkeley shares in $37.8 million foundation initiative.

Berkeley researchers succeed in making nanomagnetic switches.

EECS prof works on wound coverings that track healing beneath.

Cigarettes-for-sandwich offer marks annual smokeout Nov. 21. 

Eighteen students, six faculty won coveted fellowships, scholarships.

Noon series featuring the work of Berkeley faculty kicks off Nov. 20.  

New York Times' James Risen speaks at J-School.

College of Engineering professor wins France's highest tribute.

Accounting professor emeritus was 92.  
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