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NOVEMBER 5, 2013
The habitable zone Is there life out there? UC Berkeley and University of Hawaii astronomers analyzed four years of Kepler space telescope data in search of planets roughly the size of Earth that are near - but not too near - stars like the sun, and estimated that 22 percent of sun-like stars have potentially habitable planets.

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Susan Fang
In 2013, Human Rights Center fellows - 17 students from six UC campuses - deployed to Canada, Uganda, India, Malaysia, Bolivia, Brazil and Colombia, among other places in need, to address problems facing such populations as First Nations, child refugees, orphans, HIV-positive youth and transgender youth. 

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Baggage handler The outsourcing of airport jobs that once sustained middle-class lives has left many airport workers impoverished and worried about job security, a new study by UC Berkeley researchers says. The trend poses problems for the communities surrounding airports and the flying public, too, the study adds.

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New America Media talks to new UC president about diversity, the humanities, undocumented students.
Three new initiatives

Supreme Court's Anthony Kennedy talks about same-sex marriage and more in DC meetings.

Architect, CED lecturer Matthew Baran brings modern designs to industrial area.

Fusion channel seeks to engage young, English-speaking Hispanics.

ETS aims to involve 15,000 students in spring.

Need tickets? Want to know how to watch online? Chancellor Dirks' big day is Friday. 
Researchers find marital peace depends on women finding calm.

Challenge: Build system giving underbanked people access to financial services.

Meeting California's 2050 goals requires bold initiatives, Berkeley Lab study concludes. 
Professor Edward Frenkel's new book aims to show math's beauty.

Emeritus prof Terry Speed wins Australian Prime Minister's Prize.

Human Rights Center's Alexa Koenig on "Ethics Abandoned" report.

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