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OCTOBER 22, 2013
Frederick Wiseman at California Hall
How does UC Berkeley maintain its academic excellence and public mission - its Berkeleyness - and still survive today's economic realities? Filmmaker Fred Wiseman explores the question in his new film At Berkeley, which will screen in Bay Area theaters in December and air on PBS Jan. 13. For the story behind the film, an interactive map of Wiseman's locations, list of screenings and reviews, visit the new website Also, watch your campus email for an invitation to a free campus screening.

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Fire satellite UC Berkeley physicist Carl Pennypacker, fire expert Scott Stephens and remote-sensing specialist Maggi Kelly have designed a fire-spotting satellite that they believe could be built for a fraction of the nation's annual fire-fighting budget and orbited to spot fires earlier and save lives and property.

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A sore loser
New research is finding that oxytocin, also known as the cuddle hormone, doesn't just bond us to mothers, lovers, and friends. It also affects our social lives in other big ways, according to UC Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center. Among them: It makes us poor winners and sore losers. 

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Three years after volume 1 of the author's autobiography proved a bestseller, there's more.

Environmental Design Archives are crowdfunding an archivist for its collection of plans for homes designed by Claude Oakland.

24 Hours of Reality broadcast, Cal Dining goes greener, and more in October newsletter. (PDF)

Campus offered big discount on tickets to Berkeleyside brainfest.

Campus celebrates sustainable edibles on Thursday, Oct. 24.

Commission issues its recommendations.

Ceremony, symposia, tailgate among festivities for Chancellor Dirks' big day. 
Bioengineers use physical cues, instead of chemicals, to coax  mature cells into reverting.

UC research finds kids eating more fruits and vegetables.

Berkeley Lab researchers add up energy savings. 
Laura Stachel, developer of the solar suitcase, makes network's top 10 list.
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Matsui Lecture features former congresswoman, undersecretary of state.

Work on ionized gases by professor of semiconductor processing is recognized. 
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