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OCTOBER 1, 2013
Cleaning up after fire
Six generators were being rolled into place Tuesday afternoon to restore power to Dwinelle Hall, the Bancroft Library and four other buildings still dark after the campus lost power late Monday. Classes were being rescheduled and life at UC Berkeley was returning to normal, as the cause of the outage remained under investigation. 

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Tomato, Claire Kremen, Alastair Iles
Marshaling the research, educational and political power of five colleges and dozens of faculty, and connecting with change-makers in the community, UC Berkeley has launched the Berkeley Food Institute. Its aim is nothing less than the transformation of the world's food system into one that is diverse, just, resilient and healthy.  

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George Dyson
In a return to the campus where he was briefly a student, dropout-turned-historian George Dyson recounted the history of the birth of computers in the mud of World War II, and the genius of a cast of characters that included his own father. Dyson's book, Turing's Cathedral: The Origins of the Digital Universe, is the focus of Berkeley's On the Same Page program this year.  

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New president promises she'll be a strong advocate.

Carl Haber rescues old recordings.

I School prof and alum launch nonprofit to provide open access to case law.

Economics professor talks about Inequality for All and his hopes for the country.

BAM/PFA exhibit challenges conventional wisdom about women in Qing dynasty paintings.

Faculty, staff invited to take part.

Application cycle now open for 2014.

Capture Alumni & Family Weekend moments on Instagram and win big prizes.
Also: Library book sale is Saturday

Health*Matters cancer awareness event takes place Wednesday, Oct. 9.

Foods of the Americas event at UC Botanical Garden Friday, Oct. 4.

Latest data from IPPC underscores the need for action.

Childhood cancer researcher, former public health dean.

Reptile and amphibian expert. 
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