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AUGUST 27, 2013
Chancellor Dirks At Monday's back-to-school briefing, Chancellor Dirks and other campus leaders unveiled an array of programs and initiatives to benefit the campus's undergraduate population, from easing access to high-demand entry-level courses to providing new services for student health and well-being.

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Dozens of students chronicle their move to campus...   

As Bay Area Bike Share poises to launch Aug. 29, sustainable-transportation expert Susan Shaheen offers her unique insights on shared-use innovations in mobility, and how information technology gives them a real shot at success. 
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Sonny Dykes
About to begin his first season as head coach of the Cal Bears, Sonny Dykes offers a rare glimpse into his home, his philosophy of life and his unique brand of leadership. This Public Affairs video shows how Dykes comports himself both on and off the field, as coach, father, husband and proud member of the UC Berkeley community.  

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Slideshow: Photos by emeritus linguistics professor who was there.

DOE's civil-rights office deems student protests constitutionally protected speech.

Olga Holtz's short film on obsession weaves a complex tale. 
News video: Morello-Frosch says vulnerable poor are hardest hit by environmental crisis.  
Samsung backs campus as leader in the field. 

Law dean plans to continue serving on faculty.

Hass wins PEN essay award
Poet honored for 2012's What Light Can Do.

Former prof is also a Nobel winner. 


MIT review honors Blum Center's Lina Nilsson.
Promising new treatment target.

Brain changes seen to spur drug-seeking. 
Researchers aim for comfort, energy efficiency. 
Study sheds light on obesity.
Faculty member George Chang looks back fondly on living among students.

Homecoming gets a new name, reflecting three full days of back-to-Berkeley events.

ARWU releases global rankings; campus tops list for public universities.

Alerts smartphone users to new temblors.

Register to access subsidized in-home or center-based services.
Eight first-year Berkeley students reap rewards. 
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