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JULY 23, 2013
Eskin lights up
UC Berkeley engineers have created a new, responsive e-skin that is a milestone in helping robots become more touchy-feely. The paper-thin material instantly lights up when touched; more pressure makes the light brighter. The discovery, described in Nature Materials, is the first sensor network on flexible plastic that is user-interactive.  

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Ida Shen, Mary Ferrer
Take two Cal Dining executive chefs. Add garlic - lots of it. Toss in a few sharp knives and a big dash of blue-and-gold spirit. Mix thoroughly, and, if all goes well, celebrate a big win for Berkeley in the first annual Gilroy Garlic Bowl, taking place Friday to kick off the annual garlic festival. Discount tickets are available.  

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Janet Napolitano
Janet Napolitano, approved by the full UC Board of Regents, will be the first woman to serve as president of the University of California in its 145-year history. The outgoing head of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and former two-term Arizona governor will succeed Mark Yudof in the fall.  

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Regents raise employee contribution to 8 percent starting in July 2014.
Also: Changes in fund menus

California's new protections against unfair debt-collection programs start Jan. 1.

Data science program responds to fast-growing demand.

Even a vice chancellor, Gibor Basri,  can be racially profiled.

Kudos given to Haas HR director for exemplifying accountability, a Berkeley operating principle. With video.

Facilities Services vice chancellor has shaped the campus.

IT specialist works out his warrior spirit by dragon-boat racing.
Shankar Sastry pushes UC to boost program to meet global demand.

Andrew Szeri announces back-up childcare pilot for grad students and undergrads.
Rich Lyons, reappointed, envisions triple leap forward for the business school.

Global-health scientist Stefano Bertozzi takes over as dean Sept. 1. 
Taps computing power of idle Android smartphones.

New research shows deficiency makes bones age prematurely.

Fatigue fires up brain's anticipatory worry centers, neuroscientists find.   
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