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JUNE 25, 2013
Female student in classroom For men, having children is a career advantage. For women in academia, it's a career killer. So writes Berkeley professor and author Mary Ann Mason in Slate, describing the research she and two co-authors explore in their new book, Do Babies Matter? Gender and Family in the Ivory Tower.

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Christine Carter, Paul Solman
Despite living in the wealthiest economy in the history of the world, Americans are surprisingly unhappy. That's the starting point for a report by PBS NewsHour's Paul Solman, who speaks with researchers at Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center.  

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Anxious woman
UC Berkeley researchers have found that a lack of sleep, which is common in anxiety disorders, may play a key role in amping up the brain regions that contribute to excessive worry. The results suggest that people suffering from high anxiety may benefit substantially from sleep therapy. 

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Applauds the court's recognition of diversity's place in higher ed.
Haas's john powell weighs in

But new IGS survey shows support comes with conditions attached.
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UCPD pilots Radkids program.

New app helps quantify the energy you spend  getting to work.  
Robert Levenson, Robert Knight recognized.

Best practices win statewide notice.
The Financial Times sits down with Haas School's Ulrike Malmendier.

Collin Tierney lives his dream, wins invitational advocacy competition.

CED alum invents fold-up boat for urbanites. 
Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland
Risk goes beyond rate of animals dying out, scientists say.

New dates pinpointed for cell transformations that led to life as we know it.

'Rape in the Fields' promo
Sexual abuse of farmworkers shown in documentary by J-School team, Frontline, others on PBS June 25.   
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