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MAY 30, 2013

Summer at the Berkeleyan

We're slipping into summer mode here at the Berkeleyan - which means newsletters about once a month, or whenever news dictates. Today, Chancellor Robert Birgeneau reflects on his tenure, and next week we will bring you a video welcome from Nicholas Dirks.

Robert Birgeneau As he prepares to hand over the reins to his successor as chancellor, Robert Birgeneau reflects on his nearly nine years in California Hall, and on his future as a member of the UC Berkeley faculty. And he explains why he's "deeply worried about public higher education."

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Anthony Barnoski, Gov. Jerry Brown Responding to a challenge by California Gov. Jerry Brown, UC Berkeley biologist Tony Barnosky led 15 other scientists in preparing a consensus statement about the environmental problems endangering Earth and what policymakers need to do to avoid the fast-approaching tipping point. They gathered more than 500 signatures before presenting it to Brown.

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Bugs on pins
Like bugs? Interested in helping scientists understand our changing environment? UC Berkeley's Essig Museum of Entomology is opening up its collections to citizen scientists through a project called Calbug, which crowdsources the digitization of a million handwritten field notes that accompany insect specimens, many collected more than a century ago.  

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In words and photos, Professor Beatriz Manz documents war on indigenous people in in Guatemala.
Also: Read Manz's account of Montt verdict.

Camille Crittenden on what Boston marathon bombing taught us about video surveillance.

Margo Bennett is sworn in as head of campus force.

Faculty fellowships from the American Council of Learned Societies.

Julia Jarcho's Grimly Handsome captures award for best new American play.

Vision of circular economy powers Schmidt-MacArthur program.

Longtime English professor was Townsend Center's founding director. 
Video shows off bioengineers' big stride in soft robotics.

Every chemist's dream

A first: Images captured of molecules just before and after reaction. 


What an ancient tooth can tell us

Clue to breastfeeding in Neanderthals.

Scientific, engineering collaboration signed. 
Venturesome and virtual students have multiplied.

Webcam captures the action on Lower Sproul.

Feeding Forward, EZ Green among those picked for campus startup accelerator. 
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