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APRIL 23, 2013
Woman and cat A contact lens on the bathroom floor, a car key in a bed of gravel: How are we able to focus sharply to find that proverbial needle in a haystack? UC Berkeley scientists have discovered that in targeted search, various visual and non-visual regions of the brain mobilize to track down a person, animal or thing.

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Devin Wicks
When Devin Wicks is on the job, helping people get healthy, lose weight and shape up, he's got a special kind of credibility: He's been there. Once a 300-pound heavyweight, he got active, shed 100 pounds - and now is a  director of fitness and wellness operations for UC Berkeley. 

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Organic salad bar at Cal Dining A decade ago, there was only recycling. Since then, environmentally minded students have driven an ambitious effort to green the campus. From climate action to organic dining to dreams of zero waste, campus sustainability today has an army of participants and deep institutional support.

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Subscriptions go on sale starting Monday, April 29.

Among them: Debating, robotics and martial arts champions, plus triplets.

Winners announced; April 29 ceremony will be streamed live on this website.

UC previews changes coming July 1 for many employees.

Margo Bennett
Margo Bennett promoted to top cop for UCPD at Berkeley.

Water is the focus for fourth-generation Berkeley student.

George Washington Carver honor for innovation.  
Study shows a dollar is worth less if acquired by immoral means.

Overtime, wage issues in China unaffected.

CSHE researchers report on pilot project and make recommendations for California.

Professor Bob Bea assesses the lessons of Deepwater Horizon blowout. 
Your photos and ours in slideshow and on Storify.

Campus invited to bid farewell to Robert and Mary Catherine Birgeneau on May 7.
UC Botanical Garden's 38th annual event takes place this weekend.

Workplace service designed to encourage their use by commuting employees. 
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