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MARCH 5, 2013
Cal Bears women's basketball team
The Cal women's basketball team is still celebrating its first-ever conference title and gearing up for their Pac-12 tournament, which starts Thursday in Seattle. And Golden Bears coach Lindsay Gottlieb was named Pac-12 Media Coach of the Year. interviews Gottlieb and recaps the season in a new video.    

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Halley's comet
UC Berkeley and University of Hawaii scientists have shown that complex molecules can form on icy rocks in space, suggesting that comets may have seeded early Earth with the building blocks of life.  

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Persons of Interest logo and chicken
It's an understatement to say that Matt Wolpe, who works in the College of Environmental Design's fabrication shop, likes to design and build small structures. His new book (co-authored with a friend) features 14 designer coops for chickens, and he lives in a 104-square-foot house he made himself.  

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Quick response sought for study of solar lighting in Uganda.

New study of gender, altruism and social pressure.

Biophysicist Nogales leads team at LBNL. 
2013 graduation speaker: Apple co-founder and EECS alum.

Special Library Association honors transportation librarian Kendra Levine.

Physics Nobelist and biotech pioneer.

Classics professor, early computer adopter.

Dr. John Swartzberg weighs in on

High-frequency traders depend on proximity to markets for their profits.  
New reputation rankings from Times Higher Education.

UC-wide rally for education funding.

Berkeley researchers work among articles featured in new California Agriculture.

CSHE's Douglass breaks down possible outcomes in latest affirmative action case. 
Cuts could happen in research funding, and beyond.

Berkeley College and Career Day sends speakers to 19 local schools.

Deadline for applications, nominations to CACS programs is March 13.

Some 3,800 faculty and staff have made the move.

Registration open through March 6. 
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