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FEBRUARY 26, 2013
Erin Fenley
Person of Interest: After going all out to cut kilowatts as UC Berkeley's myPower staff, Erin Fenley dons quad speed skates, helmet and pads and the signature tie-dye T of the Berkeley Resistance all-female roller derby team and goes full bore for a win. "You can't do it timidly," she says. 

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Health costs graphic
Lots of people talk about cutting health costs. But policy experts at Berkeley, in an unprecedented, yearlong collaboration with CEOs of major health insurers and service providers and leaders from California's public sector, have mapped out a way to do it. Their vision would transform the state's healthcare system, while improving care and saving billions of dollars. 

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Bob Bee, by Robyn Twomey Berkeley civil engineering professor Bob Bea leads off testimony this week in the trial of companies involved in the 2010 Deepwater Horizon blowout. He's profiled in Men's Journal, which calls him "the guy to call when levees break or oil rigs explode - to sift through the wreckage, assign blame and try to prevent the same mistakes again."

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Who's best cut out to succeed? Haas prof's unexpected answer.
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"Sprawl-tuned" STAR shows off its skitter in Biomimetic Millisystems Lab video.

How do bionic limbs really work? In-depth NBC video shows the science helping paraplegics walk again.

How robots learn to balance.

Early look at possible changes.

Yudof message cites budget issues.

Deadline for applications is Friday.

1938 device, invented by renowned physicist, will go on public display.

Free symposium Friday is open to all.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, Feb. 27.

And more environmental headlines in the latest Bright Green News. (PDF)

Designer, artist and professor named as inaugural holder.

Grad students compete in video contest.

Chemical engineering Ph.D. honored.
Pioneer of precison fossil dating. 
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