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FEBRUARY 19, 2013
Mark Berger Person of Interest: With Academy Awards for his work on Apocalypse Now, The Right Stuff, Amadeus and The English Patient, UC Berkeley adjunct professor Mark Berger has found a different kind of satisfaction teaching "The Sound of Film" to Berkeley undergrads for the past 13 years.

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California Memorial Stadium
The financing plan for the California Memorial Stadium renovation and construction of the Simpson Center for Student-Athlete High Performance has undergone significant revisions based on six months of scrutiny and analysis. The goal is to ensure a strong foundation for both without tapping general campus funds.  

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Terrence Park
In a video released nationally, UC Berkeley Math Club President Terrence Park reveals that he is an undocumented immigrant and, to try to sway American minds on immigration, makes an economic case for legislation to make young people like him citizens. SFGate's political blog was first with the news. 

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Food Labor Research Center's Saru Jayaraman looks at cost to workers.

New details on molecular machinery of cancer
Chemist Jay Groves and Berkeley Lab colleagues find secret of cell activation.

Small contributions added up to more than $800,000 in 2012.

Bill Joy
Getting ready to start your startup
Grad News runs down the ways Berkeley can help with a big idea.

I School students developing new platform.

Recognized for work supporting startups.

Berkeley students capture second international video-game title.

Fellowships for rising stars among scientists.

School of Public Health brings together researchers and writers.

Berkeley prof to lead research initiative effort. 
Three Berkeley administrators weigh in on student health plan's future.

Berkeley expert Lucy Greco describes her daily life, where the challenges start with the alarm clock. 
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