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JANUARY 15, 2013
Paul Piff, Serena Chen, Maya Kuehn, Dacher Keltner
Poor sleep can sour relationships. Powerful people are better at shaking off rebuffs. And people who gaze at the vastness of nature tend to be less self-centered. These are a few of the  intriguing findings UC Berkeley psychologists will be presenting at this week's annual meeting of the Society of Personality and Social Psychology in New Orleans.  

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Stopwatch and weight
Ever since he was a kid growing up in Germany, Holger Müller has been asking himself a fundamental question: What is time? That question has led Müller, today an assistant professor of physics at the UC Berkeley, to a whole new way of measuring time: using mass. "A rock is a clock, so to speak," he says, as if by explanation. It's all about quantum mechanics. 

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Rice Arsenic, an element well-known to plague private-well water,  made headlines recently for its presence in a food Americans consume widely: rice. The UC Berkeley Wellness Letter looks at recent research findings and suggests ways to reduce arsenic consumption while still enjoying the popular grain.

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New P-CAP group aims to help meet a growing need in California.

Matsui Center analysis looks at how Gov. Brown got voters to give themselves a tax hike.
Also: A modest budget boost for UC

Listen to the I School's Geoff Nunberg explain his choice on NPR
High honor for Barclay Simpson.

Chemist, mathematician among 18 scientists to win national recognition.

American Finance Association prize goes to  Ulrike Malmendier.

His research contributed to ulcer treatments.
High student, faculty participation.

Events make annual SF Chronicle list.

It's not too late; Tang Center clinic open 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 16.

Outstanding staffers sought for annual awards. 
Cheap, easy snip method.

Latest findings from Kepler mission data.

Analysis predicts low impact on state budget.

Pollination enhanced, research finds.
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