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NOVEMBER 13, 2012
Wendell Berry Avenali Chair in the Humanities Wendell Berry, a farmer, conservationist, essayist, novelist and poet, spent a few days at UC Berkeley recently at the invitation of the Townsend Center for the Humanities. Videos of two appearances - a conversation with four professors on "An Agro-Ethical Aesthetic," and a reading and discussion - have been posted online.  

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Zachary Baer and fermentation chamber A long-abandoned fermentation process is being resurrected by UC Berkeley chemists and chemical engineers to use sugar to feed a catalytic reaction that produces a fuel that looks and acts just like diesel. The fuel has a higher energy content than ethanol and could help replace nonrenewable transport fuels.

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POI logo, Phil Broughton What do you do when a diabetes diagnosis means no more sugary soda - or its caffeine jolt? Radiation-safety specialist Phil Broughton put his tinkering tendencies to work and came up with coffee that delivers a punch so powerful he calls it "Black Blood of the Earth." No sugar needed. 

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New lab to address global poverty through tech innovation.

New video interview with biochemist Andrew Benson is posted online. 
Hearst Gym and Girton showcased among architect's accomplishments.

Help for victims of Superstorm Sandy.

Gala and new magazine show off a proud history.

Columbia administrator selected to replace Robert Birgeneau in June. 
Engineer Jose Carmena reaches for neuro-prosthetic connections, in the new Berkeley Engineer.

Now with the Mets, he says baseball's future lies overseas.

Emeritus Michael Buckland recognized by leading scholarly society.  

How science can help heal a divided electorate.

A perspective from a grad student with interests in both science and politics.

Dan Farber says shifting to renewables and efficiency would win voters with few losses. 
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