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OCTOBER 23, 2012
Black cat Just like humans, domestic cats are often judged by their color, and the media and folklore help perpetuate these stereotypes. White cats are seen as snobbish and aloof, black cats as  spooky. But this kind of typecasting can negatively affect adoption rates at shelters, a new UC Berkeley study shows.

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Diesel truck Stepping into a potent controversy, UC Berkeley researchers have concluded that smoke-belching diesel trucks really do make more smog than gas-fueled cars. Their new study shows that diesel exhaust contributes 15 times more emissions of a key smog component per liter of fuel burned.   

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Mari Rosas As a Person of Interest on the UC Berkeley campus, senior Mari Rosas speaks up for people whose identities don't always fit into society's neat categories. It's territory this student of anthropology and gender and women's studies knows well and explores as a person, activist and filmmaker.

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Campus radio station celebrates.

Benefits window: Oct. 29-Nov. 20.

Nacio Jan Brown's photographs from 1969-73 showcased at the J-School.

Fabilli Hoffer essay contest now open to staff, faculty, students.

Free samples, cooking demos and more Wednesday, Oct. 24. (Also on Facebook.)

Commission set up to re-envision.

New Administration and Finance website, using Open Berkeley, has links for that.

I School student's mobile app lets people see in new ways.

Viewership milestone for popular Berkeley Law and UCLA blog. 
Free events for all ages at the Bay Area Science Festival 2012.

Lab breaks ground for SERC.

Conservation biologist Claire Kremen's wild idea.

Keck observations are clearest yet.   

School of Public Health dean to hand over the reins after 10 years.

City and Regional Planning's Deakin and materials scientist Gronsky honored.

Undergrad advanced standard for measuring campus greenhouse-gas emissions.

Spectroscopy work captures honor for Neumark, department chair.

Longtime ITS library director was 62.

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