There are two worlds of Vintage Racing in the US.  They revolve around big “destination” events on customary dates that have become a tradition.  They draw the most spectators and race entries.  There are side-shows, concessions and entertainment.  More recently, most “destination” events have been taken over by track ownership to maximize revenues and profits.  In effect they set the rules.

Two of these events in 2013 feature the Corvette, celebrating its 60th anniversary.  One is The Hawk at Road America that took place on July 18-21 in Elkhart Lake, WI.  The other is the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion at Mazda Raceway on Aug 15-18 in Monterey, CA.

325-375 est HP

375-425 est HP

350-400 est HP

425-550 est HP

350-450 est HP

700-900 est HP (big block)

450-500 est HP

600-700 est HP (GT1 & TA)

The “West Coast world” lives by rules intended to keep performance in line with how the cars originally raced.  The RMMR operates under specs developed by Steve Earle who founded the Monterey Historic Races in 1974 and ran them until 2009 when the track took over.  The system seems to be working well.

600-750 est HP (GT1 & TA)


The “Everywhere Else world” lives by a looser set of rules.  The Hawk operates under specs that reflect developments in racecar technology.   Performance grows each year in ways that cannot be underestimated.  They apply to engines (power), tires and wheels (mechanical grip), suspensions and brakes (handling) and drivelines and transmissions built to withstand bigger loads.  Running up front and finishing races can be harder on the wallet.

Both worlds of Vintage racing are exhilarating and fun.   The reconciliation between them may not happen soon because their leaders have a lot at stake.  Which offers the most?  Which has the better future?   What else?  For the good of the hobby, we’d love to know what’s on your minds.  Please jump in on FB, via e-mail and/or in person. Join Our Facebook Group

Here are links to photo galleries.  See dozens of Corvettes racing in each “world”.  We also offer a photo gallery of Corvettes racing in Europe and Overseas; and another of Corvette race cars owned by collectors, some seen on display at car shows and tracks.


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