I. Sonoma, CA 95476 May 17-19, 2013, Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival

Historic Corvettes from 1958 (C1), 1964 (C2) and 1976 (C3) won their race groups.  Check out some spectacular photos by Dennis Gray, Sports Car Digest.   


Corvette highlights are captured in two videos.  Hat’s off to Randy Berg in all the right places at all the right times.  



Doug Fehan, Corvette Racing program manager is highly credited for the team’s success over the last decade.  “I am really impressed about the importance of keeping historic racing alive and well.  This is our history, a very moving experience for me and I've enjoyed every moment.   It is heartening to know that once a Corvette fan, always a Corvette fan.  To take the brand forward, I think from a marketing standpoint this is one of the most powerful events you could ever conceive."

Tony DeLorenzo, Owens-Corning Corvette team 1969-70, won 22 straight SCCA A-Production and FIA endurance races.  “This is my first time back at Sonoma Raceway since 1978.  We were always moving on so these cars were tossed aside.  Seeing the guys who care for them now is the biggest treat for me.  They invigorate the Corvette brand and contribute to the sport”.


Paul Reinhart, a west coast Corvette racing pioneer, was the honored guest.  Reinhart's original 1957 Corvette passed through several rough hands over the years and was eventually totaled.  He acquired what was left and restored it to perfection with a lot of donor parts. On Sunday Paul finished second to Noel Park.  On Saturday he misjudged fuel consumption and ran out of gas.  Not to worry...

Steve Earle, event master, presented Paul with "The Phil Hill Trophy" for Best Presentation and Performance Overall.   Introduced by Rick Voegelin during the Racer's Panel, Paul shared tales of woe and go in those early days with a standing room only crowd in the Drivers' Lounge.

WATCH VIDEO: One more lap for old time’s sake

Dick Guldstrand, another Corvette racing legend began as a hot-rodder.

BONUS VIDEO: Guldsdtrand looks back at the GS90 that was on display.


II. Greenwich, CT 06830 June 1, 2013 Greenwich Concours

A 1963 FI big tank ZO6 Grady Davis Gulf Oil Split Window Coupe won award for Competition Cars 1946-1966. Among the very top surviving original ZO6 race cars, it was modified (within competition rules) by Gulf Oil research and development and was prepared by Yenko Chevrolet of Canonsburg, PA.   Five Historic Corvette Race Cars, 1960 (C1), 1963 (C2), 1968 (C3) and 1990 (C4) were on display.


More history here
1960 C1 
1963 C2 
1968 C3
1990 C4


III. Now there is a Virtual Guide to Corvette race cars

More about it coming soon!