Please enjoy our Virtual Display of Sebring heritage race cars. 

It consists of photos, drivers and class finishing positions for some 50 Corvettes owned today by parties we know and who can verify them.  We’ll try and make it up to those we missed. 
Link to Virtual Display

The plan a year ago was to celebrate the Corvette’s 60th anniversary with a huge actual display at the 2013 12 HR race.  The plan became a dream as factors arose that could not be reconciled.  Sometimes our expectations get re-adjusted despite all good effort and intent. 


A Taste of Racing –
March 1-3, 2013   

How many times have folks at a Corvette show asked, “If only we had some real race cars?”  We have them here.    

Corvette race cars on display, on the track, vintage races, a Trans Am race, meet the racers, walk the paddock, enter the car show or corral, drive the track and celebrate at the Corvette’s 60th Birthday Party.

Grand Sport Registry, Solid Axle Club, other enthusiast groups and experts on hand.
Racing celebrity John Heinricy will drive a 1971 C3 Corvette in the Enduro races.

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Video teaser 

Link to Saturday March 2 schedule

Sebring is the Crucible of Corvette Racing

From Fitch (1956) to Fehan (2013), some 240 Corvettes took the green flag at Sebring, piloted by individual drivers numbering more than 330.

Starting just before the Millennium, the Corvette field consists of models built, developed and managed by the Corvette Racing Team. They are piloted by top professionals recruited from the US and abroad. The results have been spectacular.

In 1951 Alec Ullman promoted the first Sebring international 12 HR race at Hendricks Field, a desolate de-commissioned WWII air base in Central Florida. He lost out in 1972, unable to fund track safety improvements demanded by the FIA.

GM first entered Corvettes in 1956 followed in 1957 by the Corvette SS prototype and production models equipped with Ramjet Fuel Injection. Privateer teams carried on with good results after GM dropped racing.

In 1963 the ZO6 Sting Rays appeared en masse. They proved too heavy against the Cobras so Duntov secretly built five (5) lightweight Grand Sport models before the GM brass shut down the program. They are the highest valued Corvettes that exist today.

Some of the biggest Corvette fields arrived in the mid to late ‘70s, ironically at a time when the C3 was getting pretty tired. These Corvettes sported high horsepower big blocks and fatter tires for more grip. Aerodynamics was yet to really come along. Fans of American Muscle cheered for innovative teams like Greenwood against an onslaught of nimble customer team Porsches that enjoyed factory support. These were fun times even though guess who came out on top.