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HPL Announces Innovating for Results
Agile Project Management - Is it Right for your Organization?
HPL Celebrates 21st Anniversary
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       HPL Announces Innovating for Results™
New Training Jumpstarts Fresh Thinking
& Novel Solutions

In today's competitive marketplace, it's not enough to generate great ideas within your organization - you also have to deliver results. Nearly all executives (98%) agree or strongly agree that innovation is important for the future success of their organization, but that's not today's reality: fewer than one in five say they work for a very innovative organization, according to the Association for Talent Development. Innovation may seem like an overused word, but the successful practice of innovation can leapfrog your company ahead of the competition.   


How can your organization bridge this gap between dream and reality? High Performance Learning is delighted to announce a highly creative training program, Innovating for Results, designed to guide your managers and employees to approach problems with a fresh mindset that produces innovative solutions that work. Intended for senior leaders as well as all managers and employees, this high-energy workshop encourages participants to examine their typical approaches to problem solving, identify and then challenge typical barriers - their personal fears, the "fire-hosing" of their ideas by others, and the company's "sacred cows" that prevent change - and help them to take smart risks to better drive results.


Working together with sociologist and best-selling author Louis Patler, PhD, the HPL team is excited about this new addition to our performance improvement program offerings. Patler's program draws on more than 20 years of research on the subject of innovation, including gathering extensive survey data and conducting dozens of focus groups. His work has yielded what he sees as five keys to successful innovation - the core of Innovating for Results. The training focuses on creating and empowering innovators rather than just promoting innovation, as Patler has found that learning how to encourage and support innovators in greater numbers will lead to far more innovations.


"All too often, companies try to promote a 'culture of innovation' which always sounds nice. Unfortunately, without developing teams of innovators that will be able to thrive in that culture, the 'let's just talk about our culture of innovation' strategy does not always lead to meaningful results," says Steven Aronson, president of High Performance Learning. "Innovating for Results will shift your employees' thinking into high gear, help them imagine novel solutions to ever-changing market challenges as well as equip your leaders with new skills to cultivate a company of innovators."


"Our research focuses on 'innovators' rather than on innovations," agrees Patler. "Our data also showed that the commitment to results drives successful innovators and leaders. We have found that the three most common paths for innovators are: prototyping by partnering with change; iterating by inventing the solution; and transforming via simplicity by taking smart risks." Innovating for Results takes teams through this entire cycle of innovation, from initial idea to something practical that can be successfully implemented.


During the training, cross-functional teams are asked to address an existing problem and solve it - with an innovative solution. The training can be particularly useful for managers and employees in:

  • All types of organizations seeking to cultivate teams of innovators to gain a competitive edge.
  • Highly competitive industries, where alternative approaches are needed to meet important new product and project goals within tight time frames, limited budgets and other constraints.
  • Companies who have recently undergone a merger and/or acquisition and need to integrate two disparate corporate cultures.

If you would like to learn more about how to train and develop more innovators in your organization, please contact HPL today at 508-877-3600.



HPL will be hosting a 30-minute Innovation Webinar with Louis Patler, PhD, on Tuesday, June 2 at 12:30 p.m. EDT for a limited number of participants. Register here to save your spot for this complimentary event. Please click here to learn more about Innovating for Results.  

Agile Project Management - Is it right
for your Organization?

Is your organization looking to expedite its project management and/or program management process to achieve maximum results? Agile Project Management, a set of principles for managing projects in order to help your team deliver products, programs and services to market sooner, might be the right method for you. Since High Performance Learning recently expanded its Agile Project Management workshops and coaching offerings, now may be the right time to learn more about this technique.


Agile Project Management is designed to add energy, focus, clarity and transparency to project planning and implementation in order to improve the project's results and increase the user's adoption and satisfaction. While traditional project management focuses on more of a more formal management style, Agile Project Management focuses on giving the team the understanding of the business problems they will solve and the space and time to complete a job so that they can become a self-directed, self-organized team that is fully engaged, motivated and therefore able to produce higher-quality products more quickly.


Phil Ailes, a Senior HPL Agile Consultant, said Agile Project Management helps businesses become more competitive within the global economy. "In order to stay competitive in the global economy, companies must be able to move quickly and provide innovative, cost effective and timely solutions to their clients," Ailes said. "The Agile Project Management approach helps to ensure that all new product and/or service development projects will deliver higher quality, on-time delivery and an engaged development team that can meet or exceed all customer requirements."


Still looking for reasons to adopt the Agile Project Management techniques? As a top Agile/Scrum trainer and coach, Ailes said his clients have seen remarkable improvement in the following areas:

  • Accelerate time to market
  • Manage changing priorities
  • Better align IT with business demands
  • Increase productivity
  • Enhance software quality
  • Better project visibility
  • Reduce risk
  • Improve team morale
In order to help guide teams through the methodologies of Agile Project Management, HPL offers a wide range of programs from half-day to three-day workshops covering a variety of techniques that would be beneficial for anyone from the Agile novice to more advanced project management teams. These programs and services include:


  • Agile/Scrum Overview: This half-day overview introduces the team and management to Agile/Scrum concepts and benefits.
  • Scrum Workshop: This one-day course is geared toward teams familiar with the Agile/Scrum concepts and provides more detailed hands-on activities of Scrum techniques.
  • Introduction to Agile/Scrum Workshop: This two-day, hands-on workshop instructs teams familiar with traditional project management on how to transition to Agile/Scrum methods and prepares teams to start an Agile/Scrum project.
  • PMI-ACP Certification Exam Prep: This three-day class prepares participants for earning a certification as an Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP), which is the newest certification offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI). This certification is expected to become the industry-standard certification for Agile Management.
  • Agile/Scrum Coaching: These sessions help ensure teams successfully implement the best Scrum and Agile practices to ensure organizational success.

These workshops have been extremely helpful for stakeholders and sponsors, end-users and the product/project development team. While stakeholders, sponsors and end-users all benefit from the one-hour introductions to Agile/Scrum in order to help them understand the communications necessary for the project, the development team will benefit most from a detailed hands-on introduction to Agile/Scrum with a strong emphasis on enhancing teamwork. It is best to enroll the development team in such a course within 30 days prior to a live project.


Want to learn more about Agile Project Management? Please check out our recent webinar, Resolving the Challenges of Agile Project Management. Or call us at 508-877-3600. 

HPL Celebrates 21 Years in Business
with 21% Off

High Performance Learning is proud to celebrate its 21st year in business! Since 1994, HPL has worked with over 300 client organizations world-wide, providing consulting services and results-oriented training programs. We would like to celebrate our 21st anniversary with you by offering a special 21% discount on all of HPL's e-learning courses available on our website. These e-learning courses are as follows: 

This discount will be effective through September 1, 2015. Thank you for making these first 21 years fly by! The entire HPL team looks forward to working with all of our valued clients in the future!

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Please visit the HPL website to register for our online training. Please use discount code HPL21
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Offer Expires: September 1, 2015
To discuss your organization's performance improvement and/or training challenges,
please contact us at our:

Corporate Office: 508-877-3600
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