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     November   2014 
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ADR/Looping I  -  11/4

Marketing Wizardry  -  11/5-19

In The Studio  -  11/7-8

Stepping Out  -  11/9

Director's Perspective: Script  

Analysis - 11/10   

Small group Workout  -  11/11

Voice-Over Chiropractics  -  11/13

Character Intensive - 11/15-16, 22-23

Comedic Script Writing & Performance  -  11/17-24

ADR/Looping II  -  11/18

Nailing The Audition  -  11/20

Home Recording I (Day)  -  11/24

Long Form II: Audio Books - 12/2-9

Advanced Narration  -  12/5-6, 12-13

Spontaneity  -  12/7-14

Small group Workout  -  12/8 

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The Power of Rhetoric


The Greek philosopher Aristotle divided the means of persuasion into three categories--Ethos, Pathos, Logos.

* Ethos (Authority), ethical appeal.
* Pathos (Emotion), persuading by appealing to one's emotions.
* Logos (Logic), convincing by the use of reasoning.

When we receive a commercial script, we need to use all three means of persuasion to get the listener to trust the speaker, feel a connection to the product, and take action by making a purchase. Script analysis questions include:

* Where do we recognize these clues in the script?  
* When do we use each of these three persuasive approaches?
* Do particular words, phrases, or sentences add credibility and authority?
* When is it appropriate to have an emotional appeal?
* Is it okay to merely state facts about the usefulness of the product?  
* What makes me an authority?
* Are some statements a blend of two or three persuasive approaches or should they always be clearly separate?

Writers construct scripts with these three elements in mind. Recognizing these clues in the script and making adjustments in our delivery results in a richer, fuller, more convincing appeal to the listener. It also helps with timing and rhythm.  

Learn how to use Ethos, Pathos, and Logos effectively in writer/director/producer - John Crane's - Director's Perspective: Script Analysis on Monday, Nov. 10 from 6:30-9:30pm. $100.

To register, send us an email.

Look Who's Talking  Mic
* Kathy Holly is now represented by MDT Agency. Congrats!

* Bobby Brill completed his 9th Audio Book.

* Bob Rossman completed his 5th audio-book.

* Rossana Schneider starred in a commercial for Acura of Fremont.
* Jen Knight recorded spots for Time Warner Cable, Kyriba Connectivity, the RTA Store, and Bausch & Lomb.

 * Steven Eisley recorded spots for PBS Detroit and for Sony Computer Entertainment.

 * Meagan Cunningham just finished up a narration project for a non-profit organization called "Cohabitation Strategies."
* Scott Reyns recorded TV spots for Optimum and Radio spots for The Kansas Lottery, and the Freemasons.

* Sujata Shrivastav booked a gig with Golden Interactive Media, a Well Fargo training video, and shot a video for an anonymous client on a Sonoma golf course.

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Congrats to all who've recently landed agents and jobs.
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