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     February 2014   
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Home Recording  II  -  2/5

Acting for VO & More  -  2/6-20

INTRO: Starting Out  -  2/8

Your Voice As An Instrument  -  2/9

Daytime Conservatory  -  2/11-4/15

Small Group Workout  -  2/12

Stepping Out  -  2/15

Creating Characters  -  2/15

VO Bootcamp  -  2/16

Making It M.I.N.E.  -  2/19-3/12

Bringing Voices to Life  -  2/21-23

Directing Yourself  -  2/25-3/18

Building Your Brand  -  2/27

Styles  -  3/1-2

Professional Invitational  -  3/6

Teleprompter  -  3/8

Commercial & Industrial - Auditioning  -  3/8


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Activate Your Voice 

Need more breath support when you're
speaking or reading copy?

Do you want your voice to sound richer?

Are you dropping ending d, t, k, and p sounds?

Want clearer, crisper diction?

Elaine Clark and her business partner, Joe Schmitz, are pleased to announce their first iPhone and Android app!

Activate Your Voice is a professional vocal warm up in your pocket. Use it anytime, anywhere to speak like a pro. 5 minutes a day improves your vocal resonance, strength, articulation and enunciation. At only 99, it's a perfect way to prepare your voice for auditions and jobs.

The exercises in the app may look simple but they are much more challenging than you think. Why? Most people's volume trails off at the end of sentences, especially when reading. The first two sections, Resonance and Strengthen, challenge you to sustain a sound's volume for a full 10-12 seconds. Section three, Articulate, has you use your tongue and lips in a specific 13 count series so your articulators are warmed up and don't disappear. The final section adds a weight-training element so you can speak more crisply and clearly.    

Download it now! And, if you feel so inclined, write a review on Google Play and the App Store.
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Look Who's Talking
Mic Small
* Congrats to Pierce Brandt, Hugo Carbajal, and Adrian Paoletti on signing with MDT Agency.
* Meagan Cunningham recorded an interactive video game for Juniper Networks, a web presentation for Spectra Max, and an Interactive Voice Response job for a small business in SF.
* Angela Sarakan landed her first paid VO job, a spot for T-Mobile.
* Jennifer Knight recorded a TV
commercial for Optimum Online.
* Dov Hassan booked on-camera roles in industrial films for Google and Banana Republic.
* Robert Foster recorded a corporate narration for Workday.
* Keri Fishman recorded the voice of Mama Pooch for Bow Wow, a breakfast cereal for dogs!
* Lynn Foley recorded a voice for an film, Vox Populi. It was recently accepted at the Hollywood Reel Film Festival.
* Sharon Huff-Robinson booked a VO job for Caterpillar.
* Cristina Ulloa (Voice One instructor - Toy Voices class) just booked her first SAG Animated Feature Film!
* Noam Smooha recorded his first national commercial.
* Beau Spinks recorded a commercial for Swagelok. It aired during the Superbowl!

Congrats to all who've recently landed agents and jobs. Send us your good news and we'll add it to next month's Newsletter.   
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