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     January 2014   
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Stepping Out  -  1/12


Creating Characters  -  1/12


Home Recording 1  -  1/15


By The Book  -  1/18-19, 25-26


Preparing For A Demo  -  1/22-29


Comfort On-Camera  -  1/23-30


Copy Intensive  -  1/28-2/18


Narration Simple  -  1/31-2/1


Home Recording  -  2/5


Acting For VO & More  -  2-6-20


Intro to VO & Acting  -  2/8


Your Voice As An Instrument  -  2/9


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Harlan Hogan's First Acting Lesson

"It says here you're transferring in from Eureka College, but I don't remember you auditioning for me."

 "Oh, God," I thought, "here it comes, one day at Wesleyan and out."

"I auditioned for Dr. Tucker," I managed to squeak out.

Again came the glance over the glasses.

"Are you any good?" he asked in a flat tone of voice.

Am I any good? Am I any good? Am I any good? The question ran through my mind, careened off the back of my cranium, and stuck somewhere between the left and right hemispheres. Alarm bells sounded in my ears, my left brain shouted to the right, "Dive! Dive!" 

This was a trick question, of course. No, this was the trick question of all time. If I say yes, I'll be branded as cocky; worse yet, a troublemaker. If I say no, how could I be worthy of IWU's acting program? I'd been voted best actor at Eureka, but it was a very, very, small school. He peered up at me, I lamely smiled down, and said, "I'm pretty good."

     Glasses off.
     Slight smile.
     Deep frown.

     "Then you'll never make it," he said.
     Long pause.
     Glasses on.

"Mr. Hogan," the good doctor confided, "you've chosen the most competitive, difficult, demanding, infuriating, and vicious way to try to make a living on earth and if you're not really good, then, you'll never make it. See you in class."

The truth sometimes hurts but it's always the truth.

Now, after 25 years of making my living as an actor I realize Dr. Ficca left out one, important fact. The most competitive, difficult, demanding, infuriating, and vicious way to try to make a living on earth, is also the most fun.


Excerpted from  VO: Tales and Techniques of a Voice Actor.

Harlan teaches The Long Haul - Building a Career That Lasts at Voice One on Saturday, January 11
Look Who's Talking
Mic Small
* Steven Eisley & Maria Marquis booked a VO for North Lake Tahoe.
* Sarah Kramer recorded a series of VOs for Busytown Mysteries to help kids learn to read and use logic.
 * Jennifer Knight recorded a VO for Orthodontist at Brinton Lake and a product locator for Lowes.
* Stephanie Pam Roberts recorded an explainer video for, a radio commercial for Bristol Motor Speedway, a spot for Spotify and a new Puzzingo puzzle pack.
* Noni Galloway  shot a SAG Toyota commercial.
* Hugo Carbajal booked a role on an upcoming episode of the Investigation Discovery TV show, "Dead of Night."
* Jayse O'Brien and Bella Lisa Teeling recorded VOs for

Congrats to all who've recently landed agents and jobs. Send us your good news and we'll add it to next month's Newsletter.   
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