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Number 107

     December 2013  
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Small Group Workout  -  12/9


Intro to VO & Acting  -  1/5


Small Group Workout  -  1/9 


The Long Haul  -  1/11


Creating Characters  -  1/12


Stepping Out  -  1/12


Home Recording I  -  1/15


By the Book  -  1/18-19, 25-26 


Preparing for a Demo  -  1/22-29


Comfort on Camera  -  1/23-30


Copy Intensive  -  1/28-2/18


Narration Simple  -  1/31-2/1


Home Recording II   -  2/5


Acting for VO & More  -  2/6-2/20


Intro to VO & Acting  -  2/8


Your Voice as an Instrument  -  2/9


Daytime Conservatory  -  2/11-4/15


Small Group Workout  -  2/12



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Studying Outside the Classroom  


In school, teachers and coaches offer great tips and techniques. When you leave the classroom, how do you continue studying? Here are some simple things to do:


* Make the world your classroom. Parks, malls and supermarkets are rich with diverse personality types. Observe behavior and copy it.
* Study performances of great actors. Define what makes them unique. If you were cast in the same role, would you be able to add the same depth?
* Increase your imagination. A highly developed imagination is a vital skill for an actor. Daydream and create "as if" situations for your characters. 
* Read books about your craft and biographies about great actors.
* Study advertising trends. Search information online. Actively watch and listen to commercials. Take time to figure out what style of spot it is.
* Using copy from class, find 10 different ways to perform each script. Analyze what works and what doesn't. Continue exploring "WHY?" Improvement comes through practice.    
* Read road signs as though they are commercials.
* Read advertising billboards as if they are copy.
* Experiment with character voices by changing the character's age by 10, 20, or 30 years.  Also try switching genders.
* Get together with classmates to form peer workout groups.  Meet once or twice a month at someone's house to practice.  Or, arrange a Skype call or Google Hangout.

* Listen to other actors' demos on    
* Read blogs by other voice actors. 
* Try new marketing techniques for reaching new clients and getting more business from your existing clients.  
* Listen to accent and dialect files to develop and strengthen characters.   

* Record commercials on TV and radio.  Playback and mimic the delivery. 


Use what you learn. If you don't use it, you lose it.


Look Who's Talking
Mic Small
* Pierce Brandt completed his 100th McDonald's voice-over spot for Pandora Radio! He's lovin' it! 
* Keri Fishman recorded a spots for McAfee and Big Fish Small Pond. She also signed a contract with Pandora Radio to record spots for their clients.
* Cia Court recorded a kids' reading app for Originator, Endless Reader.
* Paul Lux, Adrian Paoletti, Jayse O'Brien and Joe Peralta all recorded spots for

* Victoria Shepherd worked on-camera and did the VO for a travel video to promote US tourism in the United Kingdom. They flew her to upstate NY for five days for the gig. 
* Melissa Redmond recorded a VO for Invisalign and landed a contract to record her first Audiobook.
* Jeff Lienkaemper recorded his first VO job - a corporate industrial for Amax.

* Pete McKean booked a '' infomercial. 
* Noam Smooha recorded a promo for a Yahoo Finance app. 
Congrats to all who've recently landed agents and jobs. Send us your good news and we'll add it to next month's Newsletter.   
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