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     August 2013  
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Home Recording I  -  8/6


VO Techniques  -  8/6-20


Video Game Challenge  -  8/8-15


INTRO: Starting Out  -  8/10


Small Group Workout  -  8/14


Stepping Out  -  8/17


Creating Characters  -  8/17


VO Bootcamp  -  8/18


Acting for VO & More  - 8/29-9/12


Teleprompter  -  9/7


On-Camera Workout  -  9/7


INTRO: Starting Out  -  9/8


Diction & Clarity  -  9/9


Small Group Workout  -  9/10


Stepping Out  -  9/15


Creating Characters  -  9/15


Daytime Conservatory  -  9/16-11/18 


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Video Games 101

Emily Clark is Sr. Talent Coordinator for gaming giant, Electronic Arts. She works with teams across the franchises within EA to coordinate the in-game talent including casting, scheduling, negotiating, contracting and payroll for both day-player and celebrity deals.  She's worked on most of EA's titles 
and franchises over the last few years including Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Battlefield, Medal of Honor, Dead Space, Army of TWO, Madden NFL, NHL, UFC,  Need for Speed, Sims.


In a recent conversation she revealed that there's definitely a trend for more natural reads - "As video games become more cinematic, the performance needs to reflect the realism.  Across the board, budgets are being cut but games are getting bigger, so we have to hire more for less.  The difference between union and non-union is experience and speed. Producers want to know that the people they have hired will be able to work efficiently in the booth and nail the roles."


Asked about the major differences between SF and LA talent, she responded, "There are very talented people in both markets.  The only difference is that there are more actors, talent agencies, producers and production companies in LA so there is a higher concentration of work.  Inevitably, there are more experienced performers in LA which makes it easier to cast projects that require a large number of talent.  That is not to discredit the very talented working actors in the Bay Area and other smaller markets."


Her top tips for people auditioning or recording jobs; when auditioning, make sure to stay in character, show a range, have good recording quality and stay away from lengthy slates.

Emily Clark will be teaching week one of a 2-week class at Voice One, Video Game Challenge, beginning Thursday, August 8. Week 2 will be taught by Darragh O'Farrell. As Director of Audio for LucasArts, George Lucas' interactive entertainment company, Darragh has been responsible for casting and directing over 80 titles in the past 18 years. Now Darragh is the principle behind The Volume, a company specializing in casting and directing voiceover and motion capture, music composition, sound design, and story consultation for the interactive entertainment industry. 
Look Who's Talking
Mic Small
* Dov Hassan has been signed by MDT Agency for VO, on-camera and print.
* Jennifer Knight narrated a promotional video for Volar's website.  
* Michael Sears narrated an audio book, "Catch The Sky" - The Adventures Of a Police Helicopter Pilot" by Darryl Kimball - now available at
* Deborah May is working steadily in 2013: An on-camera job for Sunovion Pharmaceuticals, a commercial for Abbott Labs and a mockumentary for a German media company. Also several VO projects for the Partnership for People with Disabilities at Virginia Commonwealth University. 
* Sharon Huff continues to be really busy. In the past 2 months she's recorded radio commercials for Immigration Reform and, narrated an industrial for Appreflect and a documentary for a mural project in Burlington, NC. She also recorded a sales training project for Zerto, a web promo for Primarq and a community training video for Excal Visual.
* Jonathan Murphy booked his first audiobook job - Secret of the Songshell by Brian Tashima.
* Bryan Saulsbury recorded a couple of pitch videos for a tech company and a radio spot for Ken Pollack Volvo.
Congrats to all who've recently landed agents and jobs. Send us your good news and we'll add it to next month's Newsletter.   
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