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     February 2013   
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Adv. Daytime Conservatory - 2/4-3/11 


Daytime Conservatory  -  2/5-4/9


Copy Intensive  -  2/5-26


Acting For VO & More  -  2/6-20 


Small Group Workout  -  2/7


Stepping Out  -  2/9 


Creating Characters  -  2/9


Improv for Voice-over  -  2/10


Home Recording II  -  2/11


Making It M.I.N.E.  -  2/16-17


Building Your Brand  -  2/21


Bringing Voices To Life  -  2/22-24


Diction & Clarity  -  2/25


Comfort On Camera  -  2/27-3/6


By The Book  -  2/28-4/18


Styles  -  3/2-3


Behind The Scenes  -  3/5


Teleprompter  -  3/9


Commercial & Industrial Auditioning  -  3/9


INTRO: Starting Out  -  3/10


Scene Study  -  3/11-4/29 


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Why Acting Classes?


Being able to perform truthfully and spontaneously on-camera as well as on mic makes an actor more attractive to talent agents, producers, and directors. Having multiple skills broadens the earning capacity as the actor shows that he is suited for a variety of jobs. That's why Voice One offers Teleprompter, On-Camera, Auditioning, Branding, Marketing, Home Recording and ADR/Looping classes.   

Commercial, corporate narration, and animation all require acting. Styles and genres vary. Finding the types of jobs that suit you best takes time and exploration. Confidence is gained through experience. Believability comes through trust. So, as our acting improves so do our VO abilities.     

If you're afraid of acting or improvisation, that's a sign that you should try it. The worst thing that will happen is that you'll improve!   

Improvisation is a superb tool for developing new characters, improving your listening and interactive skills, increasing your creativity, and trusting yourself. Here are just a few of the many benefits of improv:
1. Self-Confidence. Improv provides a fun, encouraging, risk-taking environment. While some scenes work and others don't, there is no failure. This is an accepting and supportive place to take chances.  By accepting and always saying YES, you learn to be a winner!
2. Creativity. It's a natural by-product of the activity and encourages new ways of thinking.  Through the speed of response (go with that first thought!) and the complexity of response (the justification of two conflicting ideas) in a constantly morphing environment, you open up your mind to endless possibilities.
3. Problem-Solving. Life is a continuous exercise in finding solutions to problems. Improv games employ the students' powers of observation, examination, inference, justification and analogy in a safe haven.  Where else can you employ all these choices without suffering "permanent" consequences?
4. Active Listening:  Rather than tuning others out so you can plan and deliver the perfect response, you learn to be present, listen and respond appropriately.  This takes you from the predictable and boring to new, interesting, sometimes strange, yet logical, new developments in the scene.
5. Fun. According to research, information "sticks" better when the learning is fun. Improv games are chocked full of laughter and poignancy as you learn to think outside the box.
So, join in the games!  We have drop-in Improv every Sunday night from 5:30-8:30pm. Once a month we have a theme night. It's just $15 cash at the break. 

Ann Feehan teaches a 6-hour class, Improv for VO, at Voice One on Sunday, Feb 10. To save a spot in this class, click here.

Look Who's Talking
Mic Small

* Jayse O'Brien landed a recurring voice-over gig for Maker's Mark and shot an on-camera spot for Stub-Hub.
* Sharon Huff recorded the VO for a training video for Invisalign.  
* Sara Jane Keskula recorded a job for a cool new travel company called GetGoing.
* Alan Lee did ADR/Walla at BangZoom! studios in Burbank for an anime called Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan.
* Heidi Rielly recorded over 140 tutorials on social and emotional learning for tweens for SmartlyU.
* Anya Behn recorded an industrial narration for Cisco.
* Stephanie Komure recording the lead villain in an original animated feature film at Klasky Csupo Studios.
* Pierce Brandt recently completed his 40th Pandora spot for McDonald's. He's also done multiple Pandora spots for Moe's
Southwestern Grill, a Fiat dealership in Detroit and a couple of  
fun spots for Crayola. 
* John de Forest
recorded a promo for a PBS documentary called The Lost Birds.  
* Jen Knight recorded a commercial for Plus White and a spot for the Canadian Federation of Students. 
* Jonathan Murphy voiced a web commercial for Hatch, Inc. and was selected as the English voice on an international toy for Creativity.
Congrats to all who've recently landed agents and jobs. Send us your good news and we'll add it to next month's Newsletter.   
Sunday Drop-In Improv

Improv Improv1
Every Sunday 5:30-8:30pm.
$15 cash at the door.

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