Letter from an H2O Summer Service Camper...
Hi! My name is Ally! I'm 15 and going to be a freshman at Lakewood High School next year. Some of my favorite things to do are go swimming, play with my dog, hang out with friends, and play tennis! I also like spending time with my two older sisters and other family.
Every summer for the past four years have been amazing! H2O has brought me so much closer to the community, to friends I've made here and to my family. H2O makes me appreciate more things and influences me to do more for not just Lakewood but the world. After 3 years of H2O I decided to do more and earlier this summer I went on a service trip to Nicaragua in Central America. Camp is not only super fun but it can be life changing. Without H2O I know my life would be different and I am so glad for it. I love the smiles of the daycare kids, the loads of dirt on your clothes after LEAF, the fun we have with the kids in ASIA, the friendly competition at the Foodbank, and most of all how you feel after you know you can help. H2O has brought so many memories and good things into my life. I will always miss it and am so grateful!
This year H2O's theme is "Choose Your Own Adventure." The theme impacted me a lot...I realize that I need to be myself and not go with the crowd so much. I know that my decision[s] will impact everything my life ends up to be and that I have to make good decisions. So this theme has been the idea of hope and it lessens my fears.
You've heard about how much I love and will miss H2O but what I haven't said is how grateful to you I am. Without donations, this wonderful program I love wouldn't happen. It impacted me and my life for the better! Thank you for giving kids of Lakewood a chance to help and do more for the community! With all of my heart THANK YOU!
Your friend,
December 1st is #GivingTuesday, a day to show appreciation for organizations that make a difference in the world and in our community. We ask that you consider a contribution to the H2O "Help to Others" program- help Lakewood youth SERVE, LEARN, and GROW!

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