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Catching Hearts 
Catching Hearts May 16, 2013

Catching Hearts is the story of a man, Dr. Mark Gavin, who built his life upon disproving God. Two young people who, both faced with turmoil, find comfort in Dr. Gavin's idea that life is only a series of meaningless events. However, when 'coincidences' bring the three of them together in the most unusual way, they must re-evaluate their lives. The main question the movie asks is "Does God exist?" . . . .

Reg. Price: $22.9
Online Sale Price: $20.99 
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he Fig Tree Newsletter
Missed the last DVD Spotlight? No problem! Here are the last 3 DVD spotlights below.
  This Is Our Time
This is our time

Five friends graduate from College and are now faced with the questions that every young adult has to answer: What do I do now? Does God have a special purpose for me? Do I take a high paying job and start climbing the corporate ladder? Do I give my life to missions? Or do I keep the same dead-end restaurant job that got me through college, except now with thousands of dollars in student loans . . . . 

Reg. Price: $19.99

Online Sale Price: $17.99

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God's Country
God's Country

If you walk down any busy city street, you'll see billboards and ads pressuring you to live your life in search of money, power and egotism. These ads proclaim a world without redemption, love or humility. That's the world that Megan, a real estate lawyer, finds herself competing with in the new movie God's Country.  From its fascinating beginning to its profound ending . . . . .

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Reg. Price $29.99
Online Sale Price: $27.99


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  Beware of Christians
Beware of Christians
If you don't want to watch four 21-year old college guys act like 21-year old college guys, then you probably shouldn't watch this film. (I don't think I need to explain.) You also shouldn't watch this if you are uncomfortable with your Christian life being put under a microscope and asking hard questions about what it truly . . . . 

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Reg. Price: $13.99

Online Sale Price: $11.99
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