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Thanks so much for subscribing to our weekly DVD Spotlight! And we apologize for not sending one out last week. We hope you enjoy the one this week. Let us know if you have any suggestions!

The Fig Tree
Beware of Christians
Beware of Christians    
If you don't want to watch four 21-year old college guys act like 21-year old college guys, then you probably shouldn't watch this film. (I don't think I need to explain.) You also shouldn't watch this if you are uncomfortable with your Christian life being put under a microscope and asking hard questions about what it truly means to follow Christ.

In Beware of Christians, a documentary-style film, four American college students leave behind their comfortable, North American culture and travel across Europe in search of authentic Christian faith. Along the way, they interview random people on the street and answer probing questions about the struggles they have encountered in their own Christian walk. They tackle subjects like materialism, church, sex and poverty and experience life-changing moments.

This is a completely non-scripted and completely honest show. Each member is boldly transparent, and it was at times a bit uncomfortable to watch. It was a little like reading someone's private diary. It was also very entertaining and funny, and I laughed out loud a lot!

Because of the issues they discuss, I would say this movie would mostly appeal to people in their teens or 20's, and if I had been 10 years younger, I probably would have related to it more. Also, it was definitely geared more toward men than women. However, I still ended the show feeling sincerely challenged in my faith, and asking myself, "Do I actually have the courage to do what I believe?" And for any show that points people more toward Christ, I whole-heartedly recommend. 4 stars for this one.


"Beware of Christians" Extended Trailer


Beware of Christians

Beware of Christians    
Format: DVD
Product Code 36487

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