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The Fig Tree
Ring the Bell
Ring the Bell    
Rob Decker, a smooth-talking sports agent, thinks he has it all. But when he goes to a small town in order to sign a high school baseball sensation, he becomes stranded in a place where the simplicity of life and faith really matter. Will putting the brakes on his fast-paced life allow Rob the chance to let faith transform his life... if he can find the courage to do so?

We all can relate to Rob in some way, whether it is how good we think we have it or how by being completely caught up in the fast moving day-to-day, we disregard the simple things God has given us. God's love and grace are prevalent themes in the movie. Pastor Steve tells the story of Jim Elliot, which I personally find moving (watch his story in 'End of the Spear'). However, I found one of the most moving moments of the film to be when Mark Hall (Casting Crowns) spoke at the concert about God not caring about who you are and what you have achieved, but rather what you had done for His glory.

The movie is filmed in "TV-quality," rather than a feature film but the acting itself is first rate. Not being a baseball fan, I wasn't looking forward to that aspect of the movie. But you soon forget that Rob is scouting for a young baseball star as the movie becomes more focused on what actually matters. The faith message is prevalent through the entire movie (even though Rob seems to ignore it at first). There are also some 'big' names in the film from the Christian music and baseball world; Steven Curtis Chapman, Matthew West, Rick Sutcliffe, John Kruk, and Ben Zobrist. Casting Crowns makes a cameo playing a concert at the town - this is where Mark gives the moving message.

I haven't said anything in this review about what it means to 'ring the bell' because you will have to watch it to find out for yourself!

- Bethany

Ring the Bell: Official DVD Trailer
Ring the Bell: Official DVD Trailer


Ring the Bell

Ring the Bell    
Format: DVD
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