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The Fig Tree Books 

The Bible TV Mini-Series
The Bible


A review from a Fig Tree customer:

"I found the series to be very well done and engaging. The challenge to cover so many thousands of years of history is enormous but many of the key eras and events were covered. The interpretations of events were refreshing and creative. I enjoyed the creator's perspective on Lot and his wife and on Saul and David and the era of the kings to be insightful and realistic. I especially enjoyed Mary and Joseph's journey to Bethlehem and the way Jesus' birth was portrayed. It was entirely believable.

However, I found some parts to be inaccurate and somewhat strange, such as seeing Samson portrayed as a black man with dreadlocks and seeing the wise men at Jesus' birth. Also, I did not particularly enjoy the way Jesus was portrayed. At times, he seemed taken by surprise by events, and he did not seem to carry himself with authority so much as impulsiveness; his character was possibly one of the weakest.

Overall, the acting, for the most part, was very good. Even though all the scenes were not filmed in Israel, the backdrops were great. The special effects for many of the miracles were quite well done. Many of the scenes contained graphic images and there were some particularly violent moments. This would not be suitable viewing for children, in my opinion; it would be best shown to adults. The series would be a great introduction to biblical history for people who were unfamiliar with the Bible. I would recommend this series with a rating of 4.5 out of 5.

- Anonymous Fig Tree Customer  
The Bible Miniseries Trailer Extended
The Bible Miniseries Trailer Extended

The Bible TV Miniseries
The Bible  
Format: DVD
Product Code 37045

Reg. Price: $69.99 

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