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The Fig Tree
Revelation Road
Revelation Road    

A traveling salesman with a dark past. An outlaw biker gang. A man running a small supply shop. A brief moment draws them together in a robbery that ends in a case of 'right man, wrong time' for Josh (David White). With all the lightning and earthquakes occurring, people say that the rapture is happening but, nearer home than that, people are beginning to discover they can no longer hide who they are.

One thing that really struck me while I was watching Revelation Road was the double meaning of the title. While the movie does deal with events leading up to and following the rapture, the characters, especially Josh, have their true natures 'revealed' to themselves through the unfolding of events that they can no longer cover up through their actions. There is a strong faith message in the film, one that is put into real, simple terms by the character Frank (Ray Wise) to Josh during a BBQ. I felt that Josh's reaction was accurate to how many people feel about Jesus; it may be an uncomfortable feeling but makes one examine their self. The Christian message in the rest of the film is definitely subtler though it remains present.

The quality of the movie itself was fantastic; the cinematography was artistically well done, the music was fitting, and the acting made the characters believable in their situations. There were a few instances where a bit of blood was shown, though violence is present throughout the movie. This one would not be suitable for children (the Dove rating is 12+).

The only major criticisms I had were that the beginning of the movie felt disjointed and moved the storyline along slowly, making me wonder when the story would really begin. Also, the unending lightning flashes, were tiring after a while. And without spoiling too much, the film took a few artistic liberties with the Rapture event that some viewers may not appreciate.

But if you love action this is definitely a movie for you!

- Bethany

Revelation Road: Beginning of the End - Official Trailer
Revelation Road: Beginning of the End - Official Trailer


Revelation Road

Revelation Road    
Format: DVD
Product Code 42194

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