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The Fig Tree
Welcome to Pardise
Welcome to Paradise    

The last straw was when Debbie gave the church announcements and took her robe off in front of the congregation at the altar. Tired of how Debbie didn't always abide by the church rules, the Bishop decides to transfer her to a small town called Paradise.

The sudden move to Paradise is not an easy transition. Debbie's son, Hayden, is not supportive of his mothers decision to move to a small town. Also, on the first day of her new job, Debbie learns that the men in the congregation are not very supportive of a female minister. Debbie faces her ultimate challenge, though, when the church goes up in flames after a barbecue accident!

This movie is a clean, charming story about a small town church that learns to surrender to God and to trust one another - but most importantly, to trust God's plan.
It was inspiring, simple and fresh. This is a good pick if you want to get away from the crime, conspiracies and immoral relationship drama that comes with many non-Christian movies. It was nice to watch something morally uplifting for a change.

I give Welcome To Paradise a 3.5 out of 5. Although the story was very good, I wasn't very happy with the video quality - it seemed a bit low-budget.

- Lydia

"Welcome to Paradise" Official Trailer


Welcome to Paradise

Welcome to Paradise    
Format: DVD
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