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The Fig Tree

 Sometimes we look at our lives and realize that we're not living in the light of God's truth. In Lukewarm, that is the exact situation that main character, Luke, finds himself in. "Learning to forgive is the first step" is the tagline for Lukewarm, but I would argue that forgiveness is not the major theme of this movie - in fact, there is no major theme.  


I found this movie disrespectful in many ways - it presented a lot of real, serious struggles that Christians experience, but made light of them. All of the major obstacles in the movie were so easily overcome, that it insulted the beauty of overcoming the hardest of life's circumstances. It also felt like the producers of the movie were trying to incorporate every single struggle that a Christian may face. This made the plot seem jumpy, and the whole movie was all over the place. There was no main climax! The characters were so inauthentic that I couldn't relate to any of them, and I couldn't tell if that was due to an awkward script or because the actors were incredibly untalented. The scene changes were clumsy, and the soundtrack and background music did not fit with the movie: both of these factors were so distracting. The ending was extremely anticlimactic: this entire movie was a letdown.  


Here at The Fig Tree, we want to stand behind the movies we promote in our DVD spotlights. We couldn't honestly do that and give this movie a good review.  So in conclusion, I'm sad to say that Lukewarm is not worth wasting an hour and a half of your day.


- Robin




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