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The Fig Tree
The Mark
the mark  

This movie takes place during the End Times just before the Rapture occurs. The story revolves around the lead, Chad (Craig Sheffer), who is very cynical - he is definitely not your typical witty main character.  The fast-paced storyline is consistently thrilling and had some really good plot twists. I had chills going down my spine as the film comes to the main event. And not from the action or the suspense, but from getting to see the fulfillment of prophecy take place!   

Sure we've seen it in countless films before, but this time I really felt that between the set, graphics, acting, and especially impressive aesthetics, 'The Mark' really brought the events of the End Times to life and portrayed the bittersweet emotions involved in the Rapture. It does a good job of softening the blow of losing characters that get killed (pre-rapture), yet it makes you uneasy about those that were left behind.

I had one criticism: while everyone else is sweating and exasperated, the main character's  hair and makeup still look fabulous. But hey, that's movie logic!


The Mark - Official Trailer
The Mark - Official Trailer

The Mark

the mark  
Format: DVD
Product Code 40722

Reg. Price: $21.99 
Online Sale Price: $19.99
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