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The Fig Tree
The Letter Writer

The Letter Writer
This movie tells the story of a teenage girl who wishes she could just become a rock star and leave behind her everyday issues of bad grades in school, fights with her mom and an absent father. Her problems continue to grow, but in the midst of it all, she receives a letter from someone she has never met, giving her wonderful words of encouragement. Her hunt to find "the letter-writer" leads her to a life-changing experience.

This movie portrays how powerful the spiritual gift of encouragement can be when we listen to God and actively seek to make a difference in people's lives daily. After watching it, I thought, "Can it really be that simple? How often do I forget about the needs of those around me, when all it would take is a single encouraging word to bless someone else?" Warning: the acting is pretty lifeless and the conversations between the characters are quite stilted. But it's still worth watching! Even if just for the absolutely gorgeous song the main character sings at the end of the movie. If she had a CD, I would buy her CD!  


- Taralyn    

Click here to view the trailer!
Click here to view the trailer!

The Letter Writer

Format: DVD
Product Code 17701

Reg. Price: $21.99 
Sale Price: $19.99
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