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The Fig Tree

Set in the beautiful country of Thailand, Escape tells the story of a man and wife who become missionary doctors in an attempt to make a brand new start after losing their baby daughter. The movie contains gorgeously filmed images of Thailand, a very believable kidnapping by Thai human traffickers, and deals with and important question: "if God is good, why do bad things happen?"

Overall, the acting is very good and the quality of the film is excellent. The two main actors, Paul Howell (The Amazing Spiderman) and Malcolm Andrews (Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings) are very entertaining and talented actors, even though half the movie's dialogue is in Thai! Malcolm Andrews' character made me wonder if the producers were trying to allude to the character of John Newton from the Amazing Grace movie - both ship captains, both lives turned around by God, both eccentric. Maybe just a coincidence??

Although, in my opinion, the main character's struggle with faith was not properly resolved (his surrender to God at the end was quite abrupt), I would confidently recommend this movie as a very entertaining, well-done Christian film!



- Taralyn   

Click here to view the trailer!
Click here to view the trailer!


Format: DVD
Product Code 17752

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