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The Fig Tree
Christmas with a Capital C

Christmas with a Capital C is a film with a surprisingly deep plot considering it is completely based on the 3 minute song by Go Fish with the same title. It has a whimsical tone but at the same time deals with the serious nature of how society has taken Christ out of Christmas - an issue that has saddened Christians over the last 10 years or so. The acting is cute and natural and adds to the movie's overall cozy atmosphere and the intimate nature of living in such a small town. The wide range of reoccurring characters unfolds smoothly.

One of the most endearing qualities of this film is how it presents a very well-balanced debate about the whole point of celebrating Christmas in a modern world. Ultimately, it boldly asks, "Is it better to defend your faith, or simply live it out with quiet confidence?" The end of the movie is clear: the latter method is the most effective way to make Christmas mean what it should.

The message that this movie challenges the viewer this Christmas season, is to not be primarily concerned with standing up for and asserting our faith. Instead, we should rather be concerned with "doing Christmas." We need to "worry less about our rights and more about others needs" as the 'C' in Christmas came to do.

Overall, a good film for families to sit down and watch together!



- Stephanie  

Click here to view the trailer!
Click here to view the trailer!

Christmas with a Capital C

Format: DVD
Product Code 17759

Sale Price: $16.99  
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