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The Encounter 2: Paradise Lost

Slow, peaceful, and calming are words that describe the beginning of The Encounter 2. Completely opposite of the first movie.


Despite the similarities in the general plot- a group of people encounter Jesus and either turn to or away from the life he offers - Encounter 2 is darker, more action-filled, and complicated.


To me, the character's problems are issues not so easily overcome this time. I got to know a mother and father on the verge of divorce following the loss of their son, a drug dealer and his drug addicted wife, and a police officer with a hatred for drugs and the people who deal them. The line between good and evil isn't so easily drawn with this group and they aren't as easily persuaded to Christ.


Though I felt as though the characters weren't as easy to relate to in this movie, I enjoyed the extra pieces of plot and the moments that made me hold my breath in excitement or fear or disbelief. And the questions that the characters ask of Jesus are ones I've often wondered about myself - and His answers are quite fulfilling.

- Melissa 
Click the image to view the trailer!
Click the image to view the trailer!

The Encounter 2: Paradise Lost

Format: DVD
Product Code 18994
Reg. Price: $21.99

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