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The Encounter

A dark, foggy night, one girl walking alone, three separate cars, a closed road and an old diner.


Talk about major suspense in the opening minutes of The Encounter. I was immediately at the edge of my seat wondering where this was going and what would happen next.


The majority of the movie isn't quite as suspenseful but instead it is filled with personal drama, conflict, and realizations as five strangers meet each other and encounter a man who goes by the name Jesus. Along with the other characters, I learned about pieces of each person's life, what kept them from pursuing faith in Christ more actively, and watched their subtle transformations influence the lives of the other characters.


My favourite aspect of the movie was the characters. Each person's story was so unique and diverse that anyone watching the movie could relate to at least one character. And I felt as though the lessons they were learning and the challenges they were overcoming spoke right to my heart as well.


This is definitely a movie to watch with your family and friends. I can't wait to see The Encounter 2!  

- Melissa 


Click here to watch a preview!
Click here to watch a preview!

The Encounter

Format: DVD
Product Code 34218


Reg. Price:$22.99

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